About Me

Hello! My name is Shelly and I am excited to share my blogs with you. My interests are home, family, pets. writing, reading, American history, food, recipes, food safety, storage, time saving and last but certainly not least, saving money. I know that we all would like to save money on things! Over the years I have worked in different fields, school food service, dairy farm business, daycare, and a deli business. I have gathered many tidbits of information while working in these fields, I have spent time in classes learning about food prep and safety, food sanitation and what I didn’t learn in classes I taught myself by research.

I have been married, for 22 years now. I have one child and so far one grandchild. My daughter recently married a wonderful man, I must say that I feel blessed in my life. I have always wanted to write but never took the time to just do it, finally I decided that if I were to ever get it going I had to get started! So not sure where to begin, I started doing the research. I first started writing articles on Hubpages. I have really enjoyed it! The one thing that I have in my favor is I am persistant! With anything in life, in order to succeed you must be persistant. Giving up on something never got anyone anywhere that is for sure.

This blog will be about all of the things that I have listed in the first paragraph. These are the things that I know well. I am sure that as this blog grows it will blossom into other areas, due to the fact that I always love to learn. My father told me when I was a child, if you are smart you will continue to learn until you die. I have found that to be true, I try to learn something new everyday. Now I am embarking on a new adventure and I will be learning as I go, I hope that  you will stick with me because I am sure it will be a worthwhile ride!

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