New Book!

Hello everyone! I am so excited today, I have published another book to Amazon Kindle! The title is From My Kitchen to Yours-Simply Delicious! I have gathered some of my favorite recipes and included them in this cook book. I hope that you will check it out and enjoy the recipes as much as I have.

The first book I published to the Kindle was For the Love of Small Dogs. In this book I told how I fell in love with small dogs, I talk about some different breeds, care, personalities, and vaccination schedules for dogs. I have experience with animals, due to the fact that I grew up on a farm and spent time working with our veterinarian. I take what I write seriously, I am careful to be honest, and accurate in what I write.

The second book comes from my love of cooing and baking. I have spent 28 years in school food service and I have gathered a lot of helpful tips to pass on to others. I will be writing more books and sharing my knowlege. I love to learn, share and write so that is why I am here!

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