I feel that I am a postitve person, I hope that never changes. I work with and have others in my life that are not so positive. I watch them struggle with their negative attitude and it makes me sad for them. Sometimes I think that they can’t see it, and just like anything in life, if you can’t see it you can’t change it. I believe that being positive brings positive things into your life. I know that if I encounter a negative person I am more likely to stay away from that person the next time I see them.

I see life as a series of ups and downs. It has been my experience that nothing ever stays the same. Sometimes I am at the top and sometimes I am at the bottom. When I am at the bottom I know that this is just temporary, life is a roller coaster of ups and downs. If I keep that in my mind while I am down it seems easier to get through. If the ride were smooth it would be boring, don’t you think? To quote a one of my favorite rock bands, “Life is a journey not a destination” This is so true, try to stay positve and enjoy the journey.

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