We have had a tragedy in our family this past weekend. We had a trailer fire that claimed the life a beautiful 3 years old girl. Whe was the sweetest little thing, they lived very close to me and my grandson played with her many times. We are saddened and asking why? why would this happen to a child? I know that people are asking questions like this everyday, we are not the only ones to suffer in the world. But the question remains, why? I used to think that everything happened for a reason, now I am not so sure. What reason could be good enough to take the life of a young child? What do I say to my grandson when he asks to go and play with her? He doesn’t understand these things, and I am not inclined to talk about it. We have decided as a family that we will explain to him that she had to move away, in essence she has.

Take the time to hold your loved ones and tell them how much you love them, we never know if we have tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Tragedy

    • Thank you so much! Children seem to bounce back so much better than adults. Just the other day he looked up to the sky and yelled “I love you Alyssa” and laughed. He looked at me and said “she heard me Mom Mom!” with joy in his face and I began to cry.

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