Midnight Series

So excited right now! I just finished my second short story, Midnight Santa. I am working on a series I have titled Midnight Series. The first in the series is Midnight Dagger. I have enjoyed woking on these short stories and I am hoping you will too. They are available on Amazon for the kindle. Please check them out and give me some feed back. I am always looking to improve. My goal is to publish one short story a month for the next ten months, while working on a novella. I enjoy telling stories, and I am sure that the more I write the better I will get.

I have always been interested in the unusual and the paranormal, so I will include some of that in my short stories and/or books that I publish. I feel like I am living my dream of writing and it is the most wonderful feeling to have. Not to many people get to follow their dreams, I feel blessed.

The novella that I am currently working on is a ghost story of sorts. The heroine sees ghosts and can talk to them, with their help Darby (the heroine) helps the dectective on the case solve the mystery. I am having a great time writing it but I don’t enjoy the editing 😦  I will keep you posted on my progress. Thanks!

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