I love to write, I think that may be obvious since I have a blog, write books and publish to Amazon Kindle. I took me a very long time to finally do it. I spent many years just thinking about writing and not doing it. I bought books on how to write, I took courses on writing but I never took that first step. I finally just threw out all the stuff that I had packed away in my head, and decided to sit my butt in the chair and just write. I was difficult at first, I must say. But in the end it was so worth it, in the beginning I would just sit and stare at the computer screen. Then I remembered something we used to do in my English class in high school, a little thing called free writing. The teacher explained to us that it would help us tap into our creative minds. So, I just started writing whatever came into my head. (Now that could be a scary thought!) Since then I have gotten better with each writing session, I write everyday.

I remember a friend of mind saying to my father, ” I wish I had legs like a race horse.” He laughed and replied “then run like a race horse.” This applies with anything you want to do, if you want to write well then you must write and all the time. The more I write the more I want to write. I has become a passion for me, I may never make a dime doing it but I love it. How many people can say that when they look back over their lives? I do not want to live with regret that I didn’t do something I wanted to do because I was afraid or just to lazy to try.

Everyone around you has a story, you may never know what that story is but you can use your imagination and make up something and turn it into a story. Always ask the question “What if” What if that person just hit the lotto? What if……

One thought on “Writing

  1. Great post! I especially love your statement “I don’t want to live with regret that I didn’t do something I wanted to do because I was afraid or just to lazy to try.” I have a framed photo that says “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” and I try to remember that anytime I worry about failure. Keep writing–it’s the best practice you can have for writing! Happy New Year!

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