Power in the Positive

I have found that a positive attitude is essential to success and happiness in my life. I can’t speak for everyone, but I do think that the same applies to all of us. It has been my experience in life that positive people are more content with themselves and more likely to suceed in what they try. If you start out thinking you are going to fail, you more often than not, you will fail. I tell myself all the time, I am positive, I am sucessful, I am worthy, this is what I call positive re-inforcement. I subscribe to the belief that you are your own self fulfilling prophecy. If you tell yourself you will suceed you eventually will, it works the same way with telling yourself you will fail.

Life is a journey, and during my journey I have come across many different types of people. I has been my obervation that people are very interesting. I like to step back mentally and just look for what works and what doesn’t. There is someone in my life that is negative all the time. I have noticed that people tend to shy away from this person. They are always complaining and talking negative about something. On the other hand I also have someone in my life that is positive. I noticed that people are drawn to that person like a magnet. Part of the problem with being negative is that people stay away from you and that in turn results in lost opportunities.In essence this is why I believe positive people gain more opportunities, they are in contact with more people as a result of the fact they are positive. It has nothing to do with how smart you are, and everything to do with your attitude be it positive or negative.

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