Working on a Cookie Book

As you know I love to write, just about anything that comes to me. I know that writing a cookbook is not technically writing but it is informative and I hope, helpful. What inspired me to write this cookie book was the fact that I have so many books on baking and I love several recipes from each one. I wanted to cut down on the amout of cookbooks that I have in my kitchen so I decided to consolidate my favorites into a single book. This takes time and more effort than most people realize, and with the holiday season upon us I find it hard to make the time to just sit down and put to the computer.

I am passionate about some things and I like to write about them to keep people informed. I love cooking, baking, family and my dogs. I have written a book on small dogs available on Amazon for the kindle. In this book I have included a schedule for vaccinating your pet and a little background on some of the small breeds. I personally love the Pomeranian. I have adopted three! I have also written two other cookbooks that are also available at Amazon for the kindle. I enjoyed putting them together and sharing.

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