Passion for the New Year

So here we are, a new year is beginning. Today started for me pretty much like any other day in my life. Boring huh? Not to me I love the comfort of repetition. To many that may be strange. When I feel bad or sad I take comfort in the familiar. Don’t get me wrong I will step out of my comfort zone when needed, at times I like to push myself.
Last year I had some milestones in my life. I am afraid of heights and I made a promise to myself that I would tackle it with passion. My husband and I traveled with friends to The Grand Canyon where I put on protective booties and walked out on the glass bridge (looking 4,000 feet down!) I was so proud of myself because it took a lot for me to do this. Anyone who is afraid of heights will know what I am talking about! Then I decided to tackle a dream that I had been putting off, that is writing. I also promised myself that I would pursue it with a passion. I was afraid that I was not good enough, that I was not smart enough so I set up road blocks to my dreams and just kept putting them off. I decided that at 46 years old I needed to chase my dreams, face my fears and live my life the way I always dreamed. So here I am on WordPress, Hubpages and Amazon going for it. I have so much to learn and I know that I will get better the more I push myself out of my comfort zone.
I push myself to learn new things, I am at the library checking out books on how to write well (not sure how that’s working out!) Always with a computer at my fingers of a pen in hand. The other day my husband asked me how long an ink pen lasts for me I replied not long!
Good luck to everyone in reaching your goals and never stop pushing yourself to higher levels. A wise man in my life once told me you can do anything you want you just have to want it bad enough to go for it. (My father has been a great influence in my life and I thank God for him everyday.)

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