Walt Disney

Just about every year my husband and I take a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. We love it there. We rarely go alone we are always taking our daughter, her friends and sometimes exchange students that we host. Now that we are getting older we love to just go and sit in the parks. I know that makes us sound old but we still ride the rides we have just slowed down some. When we were younger we would run from ride to ride, now we realize there is no hurry and we enjoy the beauty of the place. I could just sit on a bench for hours and just watch people, read a book or just breathe in the wonderful Florida air. We are from Maryland and we always like to travel to Florida in the winter. Sometimes we find that it is cold in Florida but it usually isn’t as cold as Maryland.

This year was a little different. It was just the two of us with our exchange student for Tunisia. She really enjoyed the trip as did we. But it was very different not having our daughter and her friends with us. Our daughter is now married and has a child of her own, and we are planning the next trip with them. I can’t wait, some people ask me “how can you go to Disney every year?” I just smile and say “How can you go to the beach every year?”  It is just a matter of what you really love.

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