More Camping

    It is that time of year again, and we are getting ready to head out on a camping trip. My family and I look forward to this every year. The first thing I do is go out and do a thorough spring cleaning on our camping unit. While I am cleaning I take note of anything that may need done, for example, repairs of any kind. I go through all of the drawers and cabinets organizing and stocking up for the camping season.

    I make a list of things that I need for the family while we camp and I keep it so I can use it every year. Organization is key when you are camping. Most camping units do not have a lot of space.

    If you are taking children and/or pets, you need to plan ahead to ensure a good trip. I honestly hate to go camping and find I have to buy something at the camp store (they are usually expensive) If you are taking a pet you will want to check ahead with the campground to make sure you can bring them. Not all campgrounds accept pets, but most of them do.

Our first trip of the camping year will be to Williamsburg, Virginia. We always stay at the Anvil Campground. This campground is a family owned and operated. We have always found this campground to be neat and clean with reasonable prices. Here, you will be close to the outlets, the Old Town of Williamsburg and Busch Gardens. This campground is well shaded with a camp store on the property. The people there are always friendly and willing to answer any of your questions.

    Williamsburg in April is usually extremely nice. We try to go this time of year to beat the crowds and, for the most part, it works. The temperatures are generally in the mid 60’s and up. This is fabulous walking weather, and you will do a lot of walking in Williamsburg!

Williamsburg is a family friendly place with many things to do interactive history and amusement parks will fill you and your family’s day with fun. When you go in the summer take the time to check out Water Country. Here, you will find incredible water experiences. The summers in Williamsburg can get quite hot.

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