A Sense of Loss

A Sense of Loss

How many times I sit and think about you? How many times do you cross my mind? I am sure that you knew how much I love you, but I am not sure you had any idea how much you affected my life. Since your passing I have experienced a sense of loss that I cannot describe. Everyday I write a letter to you telling you about my life and what is going on with me. I pretend that you are still here with me to read it. In the end I pray that you know what I am trying to say to you.

With your passing not only did I lose your physical presence, I lost a time and a place in my life that I can never return to. I have my memories, I remember taking walks with you, telling you about my life. I remember family picnics, reunions and trips we took together. I can still see your smile, hear your voice and remember your advice. I can go back to the places we shared, but you are no longer there. These places will never be the same. My sense of loss is sometimes overwhelming, but I have no regrets about our relationship. I will always carry a part of you in my actions, thoughts, and my mind. But I will never be able to shake this sense of loss that came with your passing.

You taught me how to peel an apple, how to sew,how to remember family, care for people, animals and God. You taught me how to work, be responsible and to stand up for what I think is right. You gave me hope when I didn’t think I had any. You spent time with me, I am who I am today because you loved me. You gave without thinking, you loved without boundaries for this I will forever be in your debt.

This is a tribute to all those I have loved and lost. Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Beloved Pets, the list goes on.

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