Importance of Honey Bees in Agriculture

It has been brought to my attention, thanks to the media, that the honey bee population is declining in some areas. What does that mean for us as humans? Well, I began on a mission to find out.


  1. The honey bee population in the United States is valued at 14 billion dollars annually

  2. Many of our staple crops require the honey bee for pollination

  3. Everything from fruits, nuts and vegetables need the honey bee

  4. Alfalfa, apples, cantaloupe, cranberries, pumpkin, and sunflowers all require pollination from honey bees

  5. we are killing the honey bee with pesticides

  6. For the fruit and nut growers pollination can be the only real chance they have of increasing their yield

  7. The honey bee that is in the wild is called feral. That means they are not controlled by a bee keeper.

  8. Farmers can not just rely on the feral honey bee to just happen to be near their crop and just the right time for pollination.

  9. Farmers will contract with migratory honey bee keepers.

  10. Honey beekeepers move millions of bees each year just as the crops flower

  11. Not only do we need them for our food, but the honey bee is responsible for our beautiful flowering plants.

  12. 16% of all flowers need the honey bee to flower

  13. Let’s not forget about the honey, In 2002 the United States produced 130 million dollars worth of raw honey

  14. Beekeepers are constantly fighting disease and invasive pests that plague the honey bee.

The facts are:

  1. If we continue to destroy our honey bees with pesticides we will eventually suffer the consequences.

  2. 80% of our crops are flowering and need the honey bee

  3. Alfalfa is an important staple for the meat and dairy industries. Without the alfalfa what will the cattle eat? That will affect our beef and dairy industries.

  4. The decimation of the honey bee will adversely affect our county’s economy.

  5. Due to our intense pesticide usage we are destroying the very insect we need to survive.

This is just some “food” for thought. The honey bee is a precious commodity and we must protect it. On a positive note, the USDA and Agriculture Dept. are working on the problem, but they face some challanges. The honey bee is still dying and no one knows why.

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