Composting for Your Back Yard Garden

I love this time of year! Planting my garden makes me happy, I enjoy watching as my  beautiful plants emerge and grow. To me there is nothing more beautiful than my garden. But as you most likely know growing a garden is hard work and planning.

What is composting?

I believe that if you are going to go through the trouble of growing a garden it should be done organic. But, that is my opinion. One of the best things about compost is that it is FREE! I don’t know about you, but for me free is good. Not only is it free, but it is free from the chemicals that are in fertilizers. Composting is the act of collecting organic compounds, such as dead leaves, unusable/leftover fruits and vegetables, coffee grounds, weeds, grass clipping and other kitchen waste. You can collect all of this over the course of the year in a composting bin. A bin can be almost anything from an old garbage can, barrel, or a wooden bin. These can be made by you, they are easy and the rewards are great.

Composting is the act of letting the things I mentioned above “rot.” Rotting produces heat which breaks down the organic material you have collected turning it into a wonderful, organic fertilizer. Every now and then a layer of farmyard manure should be added to it, DO NOT use any meats, this will attract rats.

Compost can be used after about three months, but many seasoned gardeners prefer to let it go longer. If you are trimming your trees, the branches can be used as well, but they should be shredded first. Make sure that air can circulate through your composting bin, air is important to the composting process.


Composting is not fast, but it is easy. Composting will save you money and grow a beautiful garden. As you know I am an advocate for organic food and organic gardening. So keep the chemicals out of your food and use compost. Happy Gardening!

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