Container Gardening

Many of us would love to grow a garden, but we just do not have the space. A lot of people are turning to container gardening. Plants can be grown in just about any container and now it is more possible than ever before to find beautiful pots for your plants.

Pros of Container Gardening

  1. Space, if you do not have any you can find some space for containers on your deck, roof, or balcony.

  2. Easy to care for, not as much weed pulling!

  3. Attractive pots! Gotta love them.

  4. Easy to harvest

  5. Larger pots allow you to grow several different plants in one container.

Cons of Container Gardening

  1. Hanging baskets are not big enough for container gardening.

  2. Pots can get very heavy, position them where you want them and then fill them with dirt.

  3. Water, your plants will have to be watered several times a day, especially if it sunny and dry.

  4. It is possible that the roots may become too hot

The benefits of gardening are many, in my opinion it is therapeutic. Not to mention the great tasting vegetables you can grow. Some people that I have talked to like to supplement their grocery bill during the summer by growing. Others like to can and freeze vegetables  for the winter. Whatever reason you choose to garden, do it well!

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