Labor Day Weekend

Well, this summer has gone by in a flash. Here it is Labor Day Weekend and I am wondering where the summer went, I know that many of you are asking the same question. Did you get a lot of writing done? I know that I did not get what I wanted done, summer seems to call to you, begging you to enjoy and get outside. So, the writing fell by the wayside.

As I mentioned in one of previous posts, this is the first year that I am not going back to school with everyone else. I have been a part of the school food service program for over  25 years and now I am hanging it up, so to speak.

I don’t know about you, but I have a love/hate relationship with Fall. I love the change in the weather-to cooler temps, the changing leaves, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, but I hate that it means that Winter is on it’s way.

What does Labor Day mean to you? For me it means the end of summer, start of school, harvest and the start of cooler weather. When I was a child school didn’t start until the day after Labor Day, now school starts so early.

I am hoping that with the cooler weather I will be more inclined to sit and write, it’s not that I don’t love to write because I do. But with children, grandchildren and so much to do outside it keeps me distracted. Here’s to writing, I hope everyone reaches their goals. You are never to old to shoot for the stars.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!


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