Why do we Travel?

Have you ever wondered why we have the urge to travel? Think about this for a minute, we pack up our belongings and get in a vehicle (car, van, motor home, airplane) and go to another place. Why?

People have their own reasons for traveling. They range from just getting away to religious travel. For me, travel is about getting away and seeing something different. In a way, travel for me is taking a break from real life. But just about all of us look forward to a vacation every year.

Why do we seek to change our lives for that moment in time? We may be seeking solitude, a change from our routine, change of scenery, escape from weather, see new places and try new things. The reasons are as varied as the people who travel.

Some of us like to go back to the same place over and over, for example, some go to the same beach every year, some like to go to the same theme park every year. Why do we seem to be creatures of habit? Well, to answer that question, that is because we are creatures of habit. So why do we think we like change so much if we consistently return to the same place to vacation. Isn’t travel to change our surroundings?

Many times the reason we return to the same place is because we had great memories there and we are trying to relive them by returning every year. It may have been a place that you enjoyed as a child with your family, and you have an emotional attachment because of that.

Whatever reason we travel it can be used to set us free. It can be a way to find ourselves, or it can give us anonymity. We can leave the country for the city or vice versa we can seek to be active or lazy we can escape the complexity of our everyday lives and trade it in for simplicity if only for a short time.

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