Happy Wednesday to all, I hope that your day has started off in a good and productive way.

Today what’s on my mind is the relationship, not just romantic ones but the ones we form with friends. So often we take things for granted and we shouldn’t. It’s easy to do, we are always so busy and we just assume that the relationship will always be there and always be healthy. However, this is not the case. Neglected relationships are often lost, and someone is left angry or confused.

How do we prevent this from happening? Relationships are like anything else they need work in order to stay alive and healthy. With technology today it is easy to get and stay in contact, you don’t need to spend time on the phone talking when you can communicate with social media. Words of warning though, do not rely on social media all the time to keep up with friends. One must reach out and actually talk to friends, take the time to get together with friends. This is the key to keeping a good friendship.

Friends are important for many reasons, they help us through hard times, they support us when we are down, they listen when we need an ear in essence friends are priceless. And they should be treated as such. But, not all friends are worthy; some are not really friends at all and should be left behind. Some people are just out to sabotage you and your life. It is important that you know who these people are and cut them out of your life in order to preserve yourself.

Understand and protect the real friends in your life, as I said they are more precious than gold in life.

Be careful of those how judge you without knowing who you are, these people are too busy listening to others to really take the time to get to know you. They will listen to the gossip and all of the bad things about you without knowing you. These people are not worth your time, I have had a hard time with this over the years. I struggled to get them to know me so they would understand that I am not that person, but they were not interested in knowing me they were happy to cling to the gossip and negative things. They refused to realize that there’s always two sides to every story ~ they wanted to remain closed minded.

We change over time; we are not the same people we were in high school or even last week. Life has a way of changing us for better or worse. In any relationship it is wise to understand that some people just bring out the worst in each other and should be avoided at all costs. 


“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you” ~ Elbert Hubbard


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