Memoir and My 30 Day Challenge

 Have you ever considered writing a memoir? Well I have been giving the idea a lot of thought lately, so I have done some research into what exactly a memoir is. A memoir is the story of your life as you remember it; this is not like an autobiography. With an autobiography, everything must be true and accurate; with a memoir the story is told how you remember it. Memory is not always accurate as I am sure you all know. A memoir is the recording of your thoughts, feeling and your life as only you remember it. That does not mean that you can make things up, you must stay as close to the truth as possible, but as far as your feeling go no one can say how you feel about the things that have happened in your life.


What will writing memoirs do for you? Writing about your life can help you in many different ways. You may want to record your life for your family, you may have a great story to tell, you may need catharsis, and self understanding and the list goes on. Whatever reason you may have to write a memoir really doesn’t matter; what matters is that you want to do it.


However, before you begin you must know your purpose. Your purpose dictates everything about your memoir, what will be in it, how you tell it, when and where it takes place and voice, tone and theme.


Are you a survivor of something like cancer, addiction, or some other type of illness? Everyone has had a pivotal event in their lives, what is yours? How will you come to terms with it, how will you write it? This is what a memoir is.


So I am going to take the 30 day challenge and start my memoir tomorrow. (I like to start things on the first of the month.) I will be posting updates and struggles here to share with you. I hope that you will stick with me on my journey.

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