Day 4 of My Memoir Challenge

 Hello and welcome to Friday October 4, 2013! I hope your day has started out well! I know that mine has, it is a beautiful day here, and I have taken a walk with the dogs and started my writing day with some free writing. Isn’t amazing where your free writing exercises take you? For me, it opens up my imagination and unlocks things that I may never have thought about if I had not let my mind roam free without any boundaries.

Do you do a free writing exercise during the day? Do you write every day? If you want to be a writer you must write daily, this will help you to improve your skills and your imagination. If you want to run a marathon you would run every day, writing is much the same way. I love to write, learn and read this is what my day consists of. I know you may think read? What does reading have to do with writing? Everything! You must read in order to understand what makes good writing. Reading helps you to improve your writing skills.

Today I am starting day four of my 30 Memoir Challenge. I must say this is a challenge! It is not easy digging into your life and analyzing who you were and who you are now.

Every day I do writing work that helps to pay the bills, I don’t always love that work, but it brings in money and helps me to improve my writing skills. After that work is done, I begin to work on things that I really enjoy, things like paranormal fiction, mystery, romance and of course my memoir.

What do I hope to accomplish with this 30 day challenge? My goal was to get myself jump started on something that I have wanted to do. I am sure that I will not have this memoir completed by the end of the 30 days, however; I am sure that I will have a good start.

Sometimes we just need a push in the right direction, and for me the push was the 30 day challenge. Some may want to write a memoir to help them understand who they are, some may write it to come to terms with something in their lives and others may just want to have it for themselves and their family to keep up the family history. No matter what the reasons, now is the time to get started, don’t wait just do it.

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