Monday October 14, 2013 Day 14 of my Memoir Challenge

Hello Monday! As we begin another week and we move closer to the holidays I find that I need to concentrate more on this memoir. I do a little every day, but sometimes it just doesn’t seem like enough.

Today I am working on the timeline, sometimes you just do not remember things in the timeline that they happened, and you must sit down and talk to others and figure things out. I might think that something happened at a particular time, and it really didn’t. This can make thing confusing and sometimes complicated to sort out.

Not only am I working on my memoir today, but I am doing my regular writing work, and I am fine tuning a story that I wrote to submit it to a writing contest by tomorrow. The work of a writer is never done!

On another note, my niece was married on Saturday night in a beautiful ceremony. This past weekend was a crazy one that’s for sure. We had rehearsal on Friday night (it was raining), but thankfully the rain held back on Saturday.

On Sunday we went costume shopping with my daughter and grandson, he will be Ironman. While we were out, we selected some pumpkins from 2 different roadside stands for carving this week. I love this time of year, once I get past the depression of summer passing.

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