Tuesday October 15, 2013 Day 15 of My Memoir Challenge

Hello, yet another day is upon us and what shall we do with it? I know what I will be doing; I will be in my office writing! Yesterday I felt as if I had accomplished a good bit, so we will see if I can get as much done today.

I will be working more on my memoir today; it is like taking a trip to forgotten land. I wonder, sometimes, who that person was all those years ago. Looking back over my life I know that was me, but it feels so far removed at times. Then there are times when I wish I could just go back and see some of the people that I have lost over the years.

Things have changed over the past 40 something years, I can remember my grandparents talking about the “good ole days” and now I think that my childhood may have just been the good ole days! It is true that we all come to a point in our lives that we think that, that is unless your childhood was a miserable one. I hope that is not the case for you, my childhood was great. I have nothing to complain about.

Anyway, there are many ingredients to a memoir, and I just need to work on putting them together. In order to tell a compelling story, one must know how everything fits together. That is where I am at right now, deciding how everything fits together to make my life.

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