Wednesday October 16, 2013 Day 16 of My Memoir Challenge

Hump day, at least today is better than yesterday. Yesterday nothing went as planned it seemed that everything I tried to do was impossible. I know that we all have these days and I probably shouldn’t complain, but so far today things are going quite well.

Working on my memoir, it is a strange and crazy trip into the past. Today I will begin to write the rough draft again; I started at one point and then went back to planning and omitting things and adding things. I am not sure that this one will be my final rough draft or not. Being a writer means writing, so I am prepared to write, and rewrite as much as I need to.

I have started a website the address is I am working on my writer’s platform and I set this site up so that potential clients can view some of my work. You will find me as a seller on Fiverr under the name Velzipmur. Business is going well; I get orders everyday and many satisfied customers.



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