Day 27 of My Memoir Challenge

This is day 27 of my memoir challenge and I am looking forward to taking a break from this to be honest with you. Just as this has been an interesting journey it has also been a draining one. Looking back at your life is not always sunshine and roses, many times I wonder,” What the heck was I thinking?”Sometimes I think “I did that?”

It has been a time of realization and understanding who I am, think about the things that have happened to me and really take a good look and ask “who am I?” and do I like who I am.

If you have never written a memoir, you may not understand what I am talking about. So many times we just keep living our lives without questioning things. We don’t look back. I do not believe that we should live in the past by any means, but I do believe that by looking back and asking the hard questions we can move forward to become a better person.

Even if nothing ever comes of my memoir I have gained so much by just exploring myself.

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