Day 29 of My Memoir Challenge

Day 29 of my memoir challenge, this has been a challenge that is for sure. In the beginning things were easy, I was excited to start this project, but as the month went on I became more and more bogged down by things. That is not to say that I am not still excited about this project, I just think that I need to a break. I need a chance to put some distance between me and this work.

Today I will continue on because I made a commitment to work on this for 30 days, so here it goes. I am working on more of the rough draft; every time I think I have things down I remember something else. I believe that writing a memoir is more difficult than writing anything else.

I think of people that I would like to interview for some of the things I remember just to make sure that I am remembering correctly, but it is too late they are gone. So, I have to depend on my memory and the memory of those closest to me that are still available. I am told that people value that fact that a memoir is true, so I must keep it as close to the truth as I can remember.

Memory is a tricky thing, sometimes our brain chooses to forget things and remember other things, and not always with accuracy.

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