Happy Halloween everyone! I love Halloween; it is a time of fun and childishness. I enjoy the decorations, spooky music, and haunted houses. Not everyone does, but they just don’t know what they are missing.

I have lived in the same house for over 25 years now it is located down a long, dark lane on a farm, so I have never had the opportunity to give out Halloween candy. However, my daughter and her husband bought a house in a nice development, and that means that I will get to help them give out candy! I am looking forward to it, and I know it will be fun to see all the children in their costumes.

After today, we will be looking forward to Thanksgiving. In my family, this is a time to spend with family. Looking back through the years I remember many Thanksgivings that were filled with love, fun, and good food. Isn’t if funny how the retail world just wants us to skip over this holiday? I like to take one holiday at a time because life goes way to fast as it is why make it any faster?

I hope everyone has a great and safe Halloween!

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