Questioning Yourself

Have you ever had an experience that made you question yourself? I am sure you have, we all have because we are human. One day you are sailing through life thinking everything is great, and the next the rug has been pulled out from under you. What do you do, do you give up or keep on trying? For me, I stop morn, cry, say I am going to give up and then when I am done with my temper tantrum I pick myself up and start again. So many people just give up they never pick themselves up and go again, they are what I like to call fatalist.

What is a fatalist? Now remember this is just my definition, but a fatalist is someone who just accepts the negative things that they feel about themselves and the negative things that other say about them. Are you a fatalist? I choose not to be.

Lately I have some setbacks as far as my writing is concerned. Some have attacked it saying that it is no good this hurts, and I wonder if I should go on writing. I think maybe they are right, and that all my efforts to improve are useless. Then I realize that even the best have critics and I am no exception that is not to say that I am the best it just means that I am in good company.

Be kind, everyone is fighting their own demons and you don’t have a clue. Just the other day I learned that a friend of mine’s marriage is not as wonderful as she led me to believe. You couldn’t tell from the outside looking in, understand that things are most likely not what they seem.

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