Chasing your Passion

It is Monday once again are you ready to start the week? I’m not. I have been sitting here trying to get motivated. Motivation, that is the key to your life, if you can’t get motivated then what do you have? So, I am going to push through it once I start the momentum will keep me going.

Over the weekend, I finished editing a short story for Amazon, Midnight Santa, and it is now available on Amazon kindle. This is exciting for me! Editing a book takes a lot of work, I would rather be writing it than editing.

Writing is like having homework every night for the rest of your life, but I love it. Sometimes when I am out shopping or eating, I will think to myself I need to get back to my writing. It becomes a part of you something that you feel the need to do. It is a passion, one that consumes you and takes over, calls to you when you are trying to sleep.

What is your passion? Do you have one? When you find your passion you will find your happiness. Find your passion and chase it with abandon.

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