I have always been interested in books and reading I can thank my mother for that. She was always a reader, for as long as I can remember. I recall going to the library with her many times; at that point I really didn’t care about reading. This one time my mother was encouraging me to read, pick something and try it and see if I liked it. I was resistant, but the librarian approached me and handed me a book. She said “try this one, I bet after you read the first 10 pages you will not be able to put it down.”

I went home with the book, and I tried it, to my surprise I loved the book, and I have been reading ever since. My taste in books has changed over the years running from romance to mystery and the paranormal. But my love of reading has remained strong.

There are so many gifts that our parents give us as we are growing up, but the gift of reading is something that, in my opinion, is priceless. Yes, it was the librarian who challenged me, but she would have never had the opportunity if my mom had not been at the library. We set examples to our children by doing.

Never underestimate your influence as a parent or a grandparent, they are watching, and they are learning from the minute they come into the world. What will your legacy be?

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