Starting out the day with writing is something that makes me very happy! I try to start out every day by writing in my blogs, it doesn’t always work out the way I planned, but most of the time it does. But when does life always work out the way you planned? After all, it would be boring if it did, right?

This month is traditionally known on Facebook as “be thankful” month. Everyone gets on Facebook and talks about what they are thankful for. Me, on the other hand, I prefer to be thankful throughout the year, so I do not participate, but I don’t have any problem with the people who do. I would just like to point out that thankfulness is not something that happens only in the month of November. I understand the concept, because it is the month that we celebrate Thanksgiving.

Anyway, moving on, how many of you keep a journal? That is how my writing career began, with a journal. When I first started writing in it, I thought “who wants to read this?” It was more like a diary than anything, but then I realized that I could take things from that journal and expand on them to make a story. That is when I understood the importance of journals and writing things down.

I would lie in bed at night, and just before dropping off to sleep I would think of a story line, or a premise for a story, or even a title for a story. At first I thought I will remember that in the morning, not so. That is when I started keeping a notepad on my night stand! I write down these random thoughts before I go to sleep so that I have them in the morning to work with.

I started journaling in 1996, and it wasn’t until 2010 that I began really writing. I have filled at least 5 journals since I started, and now I can go back and collect writing prompts or get inspired for a story. It has been very helpful to me, not only that, but I am leaving something for my family members to read.

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