Home Based Business, and Happiness

Another busy weekend ahead, I am not complaining not at all, I am thankful for the opportunity to promote myself and my business. Today I will be doing some writing and then this afternoon I will be getting ready for a Tupperware show, tomorrow is a vendor show and then I have to do some Christmas shopping on Sunday.

It amazes me that so many people I know are working at several jobs in order to make ends meet. Just about everyone I talk to has at least 2 jobs. What happened to the day when people could work one job and survive? Again, not complaining just observing, I find that several home based businesses are challenging and fun.

I have some writing to do today for my Fiverr clients, and then I will be working on my new book that I hope to have done and available on the kindle by Christmas. I stay busy and I feel accomplished ~ not getting rich, but money is secondary to my passions. I believe that if you follow your passion money will eventually follow. For now, I remain happy.


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