Organizing Your Writing: One Way to Use Excel to Break Your Story Down

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

home-office-desk-538070-mBeing organized as an author–whether you are writing or editing, but especially when you’re editing–is vital to crafting a cohesive novel. One that flows in a manner that  feels effortless (despite the tremendous effort thrown behind creating that effect).

This post is about using Microsoft Excel (or other spreadsheet software) to break your story down, scene by scene.

Now, “organized” means different things to different writers. Some like to have lots of files, including character sheets that are pages long for each character involved. That helps them feel secure. In control. And that’s fine.

Other writers would cry and/or walk away if you told them they had to organize themselves that particular way.

I’m not saying writers NEED to organize themselves in any particular way. Just that we should all seek out an organization model that works for us as individuals.

I just adapted my organizational system (or rather, created…

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