Christmas Past

The week of Christmas is upon us and I have been thinking of Christmas Past. It seems, for me at least, that the holiday season begs you to look back over the years. When I was a child we spent every Christmas Eve with my dad’s side of the family. It was always a boisterous and fun time, aunts, uncles, cousins ~ we were all there. We had our issues over the year, but we all came together for Christmas.

As a child, everything seemed magical. The lights, the food, the people, the music, and the gifts, sometimes I wish I could recapture that feeling. Looking back I think of the people that we have lost over the years, and I am filled with so many emotions ~ but I think that is part of what Christmas is about, remembering the lost, and enjoying the ones we still have with us.

Every year I watch all of the classic Christmas specials, Rudolph, Frosty, The Year Without a Santa Clause (I really love the Heat Miser and the Snow Miser!) it takes me back just for a moment in time, and I can be with the ones that I have lost ~ I can be a child again.

Take the time to enjoy and appreciate the Christmas Season, it is not about the gifts, but the people in our lives.

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