A Dog’s Blog

A Dog’s Blog

I remember the day that my mom saved me. It was the best day of my life! I had been a part of a puppy mill, I was used to breed and I made the owner of the puppy mill a lot of money, but they didn’t treat me very well at all.

I lived in a place that was filled with filth and fleas, I am a small and very afraid little, red Pomeranian. The day that my mom came to the SPCA I was cowering in the back of a very large pen filled with about 67 other Pomeranians that had come from the same place I had.

Why my mother chose me, I don’t know. I was not clean, and I did not smell good, and I was too afraid to come forward like the other dogs, but when she saw me in the back I could see the love in her eyes as she told the human that worked there she would take me. That day was the start of a wonderful life, one that I had never even dreamed of.

I can recall the ride home from the SPCA, I was shaking and so scared that I threw up, but she was kind and understanding. That day was the beginning of my new life.

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