Organic Foods

Organically grown foods, how do you feel about them? I have recently done some research on this subject and you might be amazed at how many types of chemicals you are eating when you think you are eating healthy.

That being said, is buying organically grown foods worth the extra money today with so many of us hurting financially we loath to spend out hard earned money on the extras like organically grown foods.

First you must ask yourself what it means “organically grown”. In the United States it means that the food has been grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. These are the things that keep the bugs from eating the crops, and the weeds from growing and overtaking the crops, and prevent the growth of molds on the crops.

You might say to yourself well that’s a great idea. Well, in theory you would be right, however; what you may not realize is that these chemicals stay on the crop and are delivered to you for consumption. Alright, but why do I care?

You should care because no amount of washing will remove the chemicals and they can have adverse health effects on you, your children and your unborn children. These chemicals have been known to cause Parkinson’s disease, nervous system problems, cancers, brain disorders, and they have been linked to attention deficit in children.

The choice is yours, you must be the one to decide if the sacrifice is worth it or not.

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