Lovin’ Life


I embrace life and everything that it has to offer. There are many ups and downs in life and each can be a learning experience if looked at from a positive point of view. I understand that sometimes that is one of the hardest things to do, but it’s worth the effort for sure.

I look at my dogs, what a great attitude they have! Always so happy to see me and love me no matter what. They would happily live on the street with me. We can all take a lesson from dogs, such beautiful creatures filled with love,

There are three Poms that live in my house all of which are rescues. Two of them are male and one is a female. When I go away ¬†for a long period of time (2 days or more) all three of them miss me, but the female takes it the hardest. She gets depressed, and mopes around like she lost her best friend. Which in her mind, since I’m not there she has lost her best friend. This makes me sad; I hate to leave her, but sometimes it’s can’t be helped.

The picture located above is of her. Her name is Remy, and she is greatly loved.

Thanks for reading,


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