Finding Happiness


Finding happiness is not easy for everyone. I think it comes from perspective. Of course, I’m no expert, but I have found that happiness comes from within not without. Happiness will never be found when looking to someone else for it.

Happiness is not the perfect job, house, family, husband, wife etc. Happiness is how you feel about yourself, it comes from within. When you can find a way to be happy with yourself, other things will fall into place. At least that has been my experience in life.

Happiness comes from a positive attitude, by taking the negative and turning it around. Perspective, is key. How you see things has a great impact on your life and happiness. If you insist that nothing good will or has ever happened to you, then of course you are more likely to be unhappy in your life.

Believe. You must believe in life, love and yourself. You must believe that good things can, have and will happen to you. You are your own self fulfilling prophecy. What you believe about yourself you will become.

Always think positive, fight the negative, and believe.

Thanks for reading,


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