Organization, the Key to My Happiness

The Pond

The Pond

Organization, to me it’s the key to a well run home and my happiness (laughing). The one thing that I do know is that when I’m organized I can find things and I’m not nearly as stressed. Less stress in my life is always a good thing.

So often I have watched others struggle with not being organized, many times they don’t want my input. Therefore I just keep my mouth shut. There’s someone that I know who is always looking for their keys, their bank card, you name it they can’t find it, and let me tell you it has added stress to their lives for sure. I have gone to the store with them and been in line to pay; low and behold they can’t find their bank card. Personally, I think this is a VERY important item. I would panic if I couldn’t find mine.

Anyway, being at least somewhat organized is to your benefit. It helps to keep your life under control, and helps you to feel control of your life. Not all of us, me included, are natural born organizers, but we can learn techniques to help us along the way. We can create new habits that can help us tremendously.

One of the first things that I started with was reducing clutter around my home. I did some research and found a great little trick to help with that.

You first have to start with a basic plan.  My plan was to have my house looking presentable before I left the house to go to work. So, I started with something I called the five minute pick up. Okay, I realize that five minutes doesn’t sound like much, but you can do a lot in five minutes.

Take a look around your living room. What needs to be done? I set a timer and did as much as I could in those five minutes. I picked up things off the floor, folded blankets, fluffed pillows, etc. I found that I had time left so I moved on to another room, doing just the basics – no deep cleaning. What I found is that in five minutes I could make my home look presentable! I was astounded and very pleased.

I now do this every morning, I feel better about my home and myself when I leave for work. I will be doing a series on organizing for the next month. I hope that I can help someone.

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