Fast Results with a Minimum Effort

I have found that when my home is out of control, my life feels off balance. I can’t speak for everyone but I do know that is the way it is for me. So, I am sharing some things that I have found work for me.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post I do something in the mornings that I call the five minute pickup. This is not the time to get into deep cleaning, like scrubbing the floors or washing windows. This is just a time to “pick up” this will make your house look more presentable to yourself and others. The beauty of this five minute pick up is that you can teach the spouse or children to help.

One other thing that I have started to do is make my dinner decision as early in the day as I can. If possible I make a menu for the week. That way I know what I have to lay out to thaw and so on.

I have also learned that I need to pick up before a mess becomes monstrous. Once is becomes monstrous I feel overwhelmed by it and I just want to ignore it. So, in light of that I have made the five minute pick up a habit for me. I do this every morning.

What advantages have I found in my five minute pick up?

  1. it helps to keep things from getting worse
  2. easy to teach to the children or spouse
  3. I like my house and myself better
  4. the areas that get the five minute pick up stay clean longer
  5. I have the freedom to move on to other projects without the clutter

You can eventually give each room a “five minute pick-up” Start small and make it fit your needs.

Thanks for reading,


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