Developing a List Habit

I can’t stress to you enough the importance of lists. Yes, they are important! You need them when you go grocery shopping, Christmas shopping, and for so much more. Let me show you the importance of lists.

When you go Christmas shopping they help you to buy what you need, and not fall for buying more than you need. For example, it’s easy to fall for the “blue light special” if you don’t have a list, a plan. It helps to prevent you from buying more than you need, thus saving you money.

The list works the same way when grocery shopping, it helps to keep you on track. I find that planning my meals for the week works wonders for me. I can plan my weekly meals, make a list and go grocery shopping.

What can lists do for you in your daily life? I have several lists for around the house.

  1. The running project list, this list that I keep all my ideas on. It helps me to not forget great ideas that I have. This is not a list for routine things like washing the dishes.
  2. Today’s list, this is a list of things that I have to get done that day. Things like water the plants, make phone calls, buy stamps etc.
  3. My deadlines list, now this one comes in handy for me as a writer but it can help everyone. This will include appointments, meetings, or social engagements.
  4. The long term list, this list is for things like moving, preparing for a wedding, holidays, etc. I would advise you to break big projects down into smaller steps this helps to make things more manageable.

I hope that some of my tips have helped you. I would enjoy feedback.

Thanks for reading,


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