Setting Goals

Sometimes I believe that people underestimate the power of setting goals. Goals are in essence your priorities. What are your priorities and how can you reach your goals/priorities?

How would you begin? Well, this is how I do it.

  1. The first thing that I do is make a list (back to those again) of things that I want or need to get done. It can be anything from improving your writing to helping your child learn how to conquer math problems.
  2. Rank your goals/priorities. We will not always be able to get everything on our list done, so we need to decide what needs to be done. Your priorities fall into several categories and they are; short term, long term and “dream” goals.
  3. Once I have established my goals and ranked them, I map out a solution or a course of action to get them done. You must be realistic when you do this.
  4. The other three steps are nothing with out this fourth one, and that is to follow through. I don’t believe that I need to explain this one.

I use my spare time to accomplish short-term goals. I use those five, ten or twenty minutes during the day to get the short-term goals done. The long-term goals will take larger blocks of time.

I also keep a victory list (the list again). This is a list of things that I have accomplished, sometimes when I get discouraged I pull out this list and it gives me a boost and helps me to stay positive.

Thanks for reading,


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