What I Love About Life – A Clean House!

If there’s one thing that I really love it’s to have a clean house. Many of us care about having a clean house, but we don’t want spend our entire life cleaning.

When my daughter was a small child we had an enlightening and interesting conversation. I remember it clearly, it was at this point I understood how my daughter saw me.

I was cleaning the house as I often did, and she was going behind me messing up again. Of course, this is something that all children do, but I looked at her and said “do you think I like cleaning?”

She looked at me and answered, “yes, you do it all the time.”

That’s when I understood I needed to get control of my time and housework. I started trying different things and reading up on cleaning techniques, time saving tips and getting organized.

The key to having a clean house, and free time is organization.

Here are some things that I learned, sometimes the hard way.

  • when you are at least somewhat organized it saves you time and money.
  • Keep life simple, don’t take on more than you can handle
  • be strict about keeping up with the house, that way you are not playing catch up
  • get other’s to help you
  • when it’s time to work on the house -WORK! Treat it like a job that you are paying yourself to do.

You will need to create a pattern that works for you. Schedules are your friend.

Thanks for reading,


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