Myth – Writing is Easy

For those that have never sat down to write a story, writing is not easy. Okay, I admit just putting words to the computer screen or to paper may be easy, but to make it into a compelling story is, well another story.

No matter how hard you try things just don’t always come together as they do in your head. That’s the point that an editor becomes imperative. Even the most talented and experienced writer needs an editor.

Recently I have written a full length book, Revenge, and I thought I might put it out there with out any editing. I didn’t want to pay the money needed for an editor, frankly I didn’t have it. But then I realized that without the editor my story would flop and one way or another I would lose money.

Don’t get me wrong here, I write because I love it. However, that being said all writers love to make money on their writing. It’s proof that what they are doing is worthy. It’s exciting when others pay to read what you have written.

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One thought on “Myth – Writing is Easy

  1. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) using an editor and proofreader before you publish your book is essential. For my book The Right Wrong Man, I joined a critique group and had 3 other sets of eyes commenting, editing, and encouraging me. Then I sent it out to ‘readers’ to critique and find other proofing errors. This process was so helpful! For Twin Desires, my co-author and I hired an editor to read the entire 400-page ms. She didn’t find much (because by trade, I AM an editor) but she did find some things, and when I publish each of my books, I want them to be perfect, so it was worth the cost.

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