Travel without my Babies

I love my dogs, I have four Pomeranians. These guys make me happy most days. (insert laugh) When I travel I rarely take them with me. To be honest, with four it’s hard to travel with them, but not impossible.

Here are some pictures of my babies. This is just two of them Boo and Remy.

Biltmore Estate and Gardens

Biltmore, what can I say about such a beautiful and amazing place? My husband and I toured the house and gardens we were but two peasants in an incredible place. We wondered as we walked the house and grounds, just how it would feel to live that rich, we decided that we will never know.

Biltmore Estates

This past weekend my husbnad an I took a trip that we have been wanting to take for years. We went to Biltmore Estate and Gardens in Ashville, North Carolina.

Entrance to the Estate was beautiful, but it didn’t compare to the house and gardens. The entrance was a long and winding road to a parking lot where you could choose to ride a shuttle or walk an eight minute walk to the house and gardens. We opted to walk and enjoy the beautiful day.

I must say first glance at the house was breathtaking. The view? Magnificnet. I have included a pictiure of the house in this blog and will soon be posting more.Stay tuned…

The Traveler,

Shelly WyattIMG_20160424_091855_1

Here are some pictures of the walk to the house.


IMG_20160424_081522As I travel along route 40 in North Carloina the greenery and the mountain views take my breath away. I catch a glimpse of a sign that reads Ashville 45 miles- that is our destination. Biltmore Estate and Grardens.

For years I have wanted to visit this famous and beautiful place, and not I’m less than an hour from it. My hope is that it’s as beautiful as they say.

I watch as the rolling hills go by, green wiht the new spring grass and shrubs. The mountains loom before me holding promise. The promise of a beauty yet to be revealed.

To be honset with you, my husband and I travel by the seat of our pants – so to speak. We go on a whim, and it fits us just fine.

The sun is shining brightly filtered throught the fresh new spring leaves on the trees flanking both sides of the road we travel. My excitement builds as we move closer to our destination. The sign along side the road now reads Ashville 3o miles…

Picutes of our destination to follow.